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Study on the Uplift Resistance of Hole Digging Foundation in Strong Weathered Soft Rock for Transmission Lines

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.294


Zhihao Ye

Corresponding Author

Zhihao Ye


With the rapid development of China’s electric power construction, more and more overhead transmission lines cross the mountains. The most common type of foundation for the distribution of overhead transmission lines in mountainous areas of China is the strong weathered rock foundation. For this type of foundation, hole digging foundation is often used in the project. Different from other industry foundations, the design of the overhead transmission line foundation is mainly controlled by the uplift stability, and the key parameter of the uplift stability design is the basic uplift resistance bearing capacity. In engineering, the foundation uplift bearing capacity is often obtained by the uplifting load-displacement curve. The establishment of models and parameters that accurately describe the variation characteristics of the load-displacement curve are of great significance for engineering design. In this paper, a simple analysis is made through the domestic transmission line basic engineering. Therefore, the model and parameter conclusions of the load-displacement curve variation characteristics are established based on the theory of uplift analysis of the strong weathered soft rock hole digging foundation of the transmission line.


Transmission line; strong weathered soft rock; hole digging foundation; uplift resistance analysis