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The Examination and Trend of Teachers’ Curriculum Enactment From the Perspective of Core Literacy—A Coding Analysis Based on Nvivo11.0

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.291


Feifei Geng and Xiaoyuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Feifei Geng


Core literacy has become the main theme and weather vane of education and curriculum is the soil for the development of core literacy, and teachers’ reasonable creation of curriculum affects not only the effect of curriculum implementation, but also the level of students’ development. Based on the interview with 24 primary school teachers and using Nvivo11.0 to code and analyze the materials, it is found that there is a deviation between knowledge and behavior in teachers’ curriculum enactment. In order to make curriculum enactment more effective, teachers need to clarify the purpose of curriculum enactment, consciously tap the potential within the curriculum and strengthen the integration between courses, so as to promote the development of students’ core literacy.


Core Accomplishment; Curriculum Enactment; Reality Examination; Creation Trend