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A Study of the Instability Failure Mechanism and Treatment Technology of High Slope of Broken Rock Mass

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.289


Ye Zhihao

Corresponding Author

Ye Zhihao


With the development of highway construction in China, the Guizhou region has ushered in a new wave of road construction, which has brought great convenience to people’s travel. At the same time, due to the instability of the high slope of the broken rock mass, a series of disasters have caused great troubles for people's travel safety. The formation of the slope changes the original stress state inside the rock mass, the stress of the slope body is redistributed, the direction of the principal stress changes, and stress concentration occurs. Moreover, under the influence of various natural forces and engineering, the stress state changes continuously with the evolution of the slope, causing different forms of deformation and destruction of the slope rock mass. Unstable natural slopes and artificial slopes, under the influence of rock and soil weight, water and vibration, and other factors, often cause harmful deformation and destruction, resulting in traffic disruption and causing huge disasters. On the basis of summarizing the previous research results, this paper mainly studies the stability analysis of the high slope of the fractured rock mass and the research of engineering protection and reinforcement technology, and proposes a targeted slope treatment plan.


High Slope of Fractured Rock Mass; Stability Analysis; Numerical Analysis; Slope Treatment