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Research on Causes and Prevention of Arm Injury in Tennis Training for College Students in Tennis Specialized Classes

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.286


Zhe Weng

Corresponding Author

Zhe Weng


Tennis is a leisurely and entertaining fitness program that is loved by students in today's colleges and universities. Tennis has gradually become popular in colleges and universities, and the number of people participating in tennis training has gradually increased. Many schools have set up specialized classes for tennis, and the number of teaching courses has gradually increased. In fact, the sport of tennis is prone to be injured, so we should actively prevent the work and reduce the damage in the training, and protect the safety of students to the greatest extent. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of the technical structure of tennis teaching and training, the probability of athletes suffering from arm injury is high, which deserves our attention. The author conducts research to analyze the main factors of arm injury during the tennis exercise and how to prevent the damage of the arm for analysis.


College tennis; Specialized class students; Tennis training; Arm injury; Causes and preventive measures