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In-depth Study on the Teaching Model of Children's Songs Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.285


Qingnan Wang and Yiqi Tian

Corresponding Author

Qingnan Wang


From the perspective of talent training for preschool music education, having the ability to play and sing in preschool children's song lessons can best meet the needs of school music education classroom and extracurricular music performance activities. Especially for preschool professional teaching, the ability to play and sing children's songs has great significance for engaging in music teaching activities. In the teaching of children's songs, there is no unified method. However, this is not to say that there is no basic way to teach children's song playing ability. The teaching of children's song playing ability should adopt the combination of piano improvisation and singing ability teaching, the teaching of children's song ability and the theory of music theory and ear training. The purpose of this article is to make an in-depth study of the teaching model for cultivating children's songs. This article improves the teaching model by improving students' understanding of the importance of playing and singing skills, attaching importance to the teaching of basic subjects in the early stage, strengthening the training of basic skills, the cultivation and improvement of "coordination" in playing and singing ability, and strengthening the teaching practice link of playing and singing ability. Improve the ability of children to play and sing in children's songs. And through a questionnaire survey of teachers and students, it was found that nearly half of them were satisfied with the group teaching method, and nearly half were dissatisfied with the group teaching method. In addition, group lessons are the most popular teaching method, accounting for 53%, followed by group lessons, accounting for 20%, one-on-one lesson teaching, accounting for 19%, and cooperation teaching with excellent and poor accounting for 8%.


Preschool Music Education; Children's Song Playing Ability; Music Performance Activities; Teaching Practice