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Analysis of Improvisational Teaching of Playing and Singing Based on the Concept of "Applied Piano"

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.281


Wei Sun

Corresponding Author

Wei Sun


The teaching concept of “applied piano” is a teaching method to train the students to be innovative and high-quality talents under the background of the popularization and educational development of Chinese piano. Piano education is gradually facing the public, and the traditional piano teaching still has its own advantages. After it has been ruined, it has created a new situation in the application of piano in China. It has been practiced in the popular improvisational teaching of playing and singing, which can stimulate the inspiration of music creation and expand the space of thinking. This paper focuses on the analysis of the teaching objectives of the concept of “applied piano”, and optimizes the three aspects of the teaching content, and the teaching reform is analyzed in depth. Finally, the difficulties of playing and singing under the concept of “applied piano” are analyzed and the countermeasures are sorted out.


Applied piano; Improvisational playing and singing; Teaching analysis; Applied research