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Application Research of 3D Digital Model in Orthodontic Experiment Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.274


Yan Hou, Ye Liu, Wensheng Ma and Yang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yan Hou


To study the influence of digital model measurement compared with traditional model measurement on orthodontics experimental teaching. A total of 50 undergraduate students in the College of Stomatology, Hebei Medical University were randomly divided into two groups. One group used traditional models measurement for teaching, and the other group used digital models and software for model measurement. Compare the influence of traditional group and digital group teaching on students' teaching effect and teaching efficiency, and then test the consistency of their measurement. Questionnaires are used to survey students' scores on traditional and digital teaching methods, as well as evaluations of different teaching methods. Using the independent sample T test and the kappa consistency test, statistical analysis showed that students using the digital model measurement group were faster, had more accurate results, and felt easier to operate after the experience. The data consistency was superior to the traditional model measurement group. These results are statistically significant; both methods of measurement contribute to the understanding of theoretical concepts and improve students' interest in learning, and the results are not statistically different. Digital model measurement improves the effectiveness and efficiency of orthodontic experiment teaching, enriches the teaching mode of experimental teaching, and is an important supplement to the study of orthodontic theory.


3D Digital Model; Orthodontic Experiment Teaching; Digital Teaching Method; Model Measurement