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The Impact of Tourism E-Commerce on Customized Tourism in the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.273


Rui Long

Corresponding Author

Rui Long


With the rapid development of network technology in the contemporary era, China strongly supports the integration of Internet technology and tourism to form an Internet + tourism mode. With the development of economy, the frequency and depth of mass tourism have increased significantly, the demand for travel tourism has increased gradually, and the further development of tourism has been promoted. The popular package and ordinary tourism e-commerce are no longer meeting the current people's needs for tourism. Individualized tourism consumption stands out in the tourism consumption market. At present, when people choose travel products, they pay more attention to the experience and content of the journey. Therefore, the customized tourism model meets the needs of the people. In the era of big data, tourism e-commerce develops rapidly. It collects massive information through network technology and forms a large database. Under the background of big data, it is beneficial to promote the development of customized tourism by formulating corresponding tourism modes according to people's needs and individualization. This paper discusses the impact of tourism e-commerce on customized tourism under the background of big data era. With the development of time, our economy, network, and information have changed completely. In response to the development of the times, we need to form a new outlook. Experience economy, big data era and advanced network technology have a significant impact on our lives. In the process of development of Internet + technology, more and more Internet technologies provide convenience for our lives, and people are more and more dependent on network technology and practical Internet + technology, so tourism e-commerce products become the first choice for mass travel consumers. Under the background of this big data and experience economy, the public will pay more attention to their own experience and the route they need in the process of traveling, which can meet the personalized needs of the public. In addition, in the era of big data, it can provide better, higher quality and more appropriate reference for the public, and improve the value and quality of customized tourism. Therefore, tourism e-commerce provides experience reference for customized tourism in the era of big data. Individualized customized tourism and routes are more in line with the needs of mass consumers, and more mass consumers have better tourism experience.


Big data era; Tourism e-commerce; Customized tourism