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On the Innovative Development of College Tennis Education and Tennis Teaching Under the Tide of National Fitness

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.272


Dongnan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Dongnan Zhang


More and more colleges and universities continuously attach importance to sports activities in the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality under the tide of national fitness. Currently, tennis is one of the sports items that students especially like, and many colleges and universities have set up tennis as an elective course of sports. As far as the current situation is concerned, the teaching mode of physical education has been developing and changing constantly, but there are still some problems in the teaching process. This paper mainly analyzes the current situation of tennis education in colleges and universities, and puts forward the strategy of innovation and development, hoping to be helpful. In the current educational background, sports have become an important part of students' hobbies after school. More and more students choose to exercise in their spare time, and tennis has become one of the sports that many college students love. Some students also take tennis as an important elective. The school has organized tennis games to constantly improve the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of students to participate. So that students can not only exercise the body, but also constantly cultivate comprehensive quality.


National Fitness; Tennis Education; Innovative Development