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The Development of Bike Sharing from the Perspective of Sharing Economy--Take Ofo and Mobike as Examples

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.271


Yan Feng

Corresponding Author

Yan Feng


In the context of sharing economy, the rise of "Internet +", the popularity of smart phone users and the unique advantages of bicycles over cars are necessary conditions for the rise of bike sharing. As an emerging industry, bike-sharing has only been in existence for five years. During this period, the industry has experienced four stages, namely the budding stage, the blooming of a hundred flowers, the explosion of the market and the reshuffle of the industry. After a year of fierce competition, more than a dozen small bike-sharing enterprises have declared bankruptcy or suspension. Now the bike-sharing market tends to be stable, and the original two bike-sharing giants ofo and mobike still occupy a place in the market. Therefore, this paper compares and analyzes the similarities and differences between ofo and mobike in product positioning, operating income and deposit management, and analyzes the reasons for their success.


Bike sharing; Development process; Ofo; Mobike