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Cultural Security and Innovative Development in the Context of Globalization of Chinese National Sports

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.10


Yu Wei

Corresponding Author

Yu Wei


The traditional sports culture of China is facing challenges in the context of globalization. With the changes of modern lifestyles, as well as the influence of Western sports culture, the safety and development of Chinese national sports culture are facing great challenges. China's traditional national sports culture is composed of various ethnic minority sports culture, which is formed by constantly separation and integration. The traditional sports culture promote the idea of "harmony and different", although they have identity and adaptation to the culture, they still have their own characteristics. For the introduction of Western sports culture, there will be an exclusion, identity, inclusive attitude. National sports culture is facing the survival crisis, mainly because of the lack of cultural innovation, some people have skeptical attitude on Chinese national sports culture, and the traditional sports culture has small market development space. So only to keep pace with the times, reform and innovation, can the Chinese national cultural heritage continue to develop. Therefore, only the constant advance with the times, reform and innovation can allow the Chinese national cultural heritage to develop continually.


Chinese national sports, globalization, cultural security, innovation and development.