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Study on Network Ideology Security Education of Ethnic Minorities in Colleges and Universities under the new age

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.269


Zihua Wang

Corresponding Author

Zihua Wang


With the development of information technology , there’s no doubt that internet has already become a significant intermediary in daily life, it can help people with study, communication, work etc, shortens world; s distance, broadens people’s horizon. But the rapidly developing internet also brings risk to our country to some extent, the virtuality and anonymity of internet spread very swift within information makes people’s mentality easy to invade ,and the negative affect of this situation need to be heeded and prevented. As cornerstone in minority areas ,minority college students are important political power in maintaining stability in minority areas and national ideological security. The ideological security education of minority college students plays a momentous role in the whole National Ideological Security Education System.


New Age; Ethnic Minorities in Colleges; Internet Education; Ideology Security Education