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Research on Hybrid Instructional Design for High School Physics

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.268


Zhaoyi Du

Corresponding Author

Zhaoyi Du


Modern society is a rapidly developing information society. The rapid development of online learning and the reform of school education have changed the way students learn in a certain degree. However, traditional classrooms and online learning have their irreplaceable advantages. A problem that cannot be ignored. Based on this, hybrid learning came into being, combining the advantages of traditional classroom and online learning to improve classroom teaching efficiency. Based on the physics teaching in middle school, this study designed a feasible high school physics classroom teaching design based on hybrid learning and implemented it. The research results show that combined with the hybrid learning theory in the design of high school physics teaching, students can improve their interest in learning physics and enable students to better learn, understand and apply physics knowledge.


Mixed learning; high school physics; instructional design