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The Semantic Contrast of Color Words between Chinese and English and Their Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.265


Wenjia Wan and Yanfang Fan

Corresponding Author

Wenjia Wan


There are many color words in all kinds of languages in the world. In essence, color word is a symbol that conveys information with color language, and its connotation is the same for all nations in the world. However, due to the differences in living environment, geographical location and religious belief, there are considerable differences in the understanding and cognition of color words. Chinese and English cultures have a long history, and there are both similarities and great differences in the origin, development, semantic meaning and application of color words under two different cultural backgrounds. In this paper, the comparison and analysis from the perspective of language and culture background of English color words with meaning equivalence and differences and its translation, for some color words in chinese-english two languages as well as the similarities and differences of the language characteristics, cultural significance, and then expounds the understanding of the language vocabulary cannot be separated from specific language environment, so as to reach the correct understanding of words and transformation between different languages, to help us better understand and use the language and culture. Understanding and mastering these color words and the cultural differences they constitute is of practical significance for cross-cultural communication and translation activities.


Color Words; Pragmatic Meaning; Comparative Analysi; Cultural Context