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Analysis of Biology Classroom Activities in Senior High School under the Concept of Core Competencies and Values

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.264


Qingyun Li

Corresponding Author

Qingyun Li


In the new era, teaching concepts are updated rapidly, and cultivating core competencies and values have become the main teaching concept. The design of senior high school biology classroom activities should focus on the concept of core competencies and values, consider the needs of cultivating students' core competencies and values, and enrich teaching contents. The connotation of core competencies and values is analyzed in detail in the paper. The exploratory, intuitive, problematic as well as biological experiment classroom activities of senoir high school biology are designed according to the core competencies and values. Senior high school biology teaching is very important for shaping the values and outlook on life of senior high school students. Concept of core competencies and values is applied in the design of classroom activities to optimize the biological classroom teaching environment, realize the combination of teaching contents and life, improve the efficiency and quality of education, and truly reflect the value of education.


Classroom activity; Senior high school; Education; Core competencies and values