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Business Model Innovation of Online Pre-employment Education: Taking CareerFrog as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.262


Lu Li

Corresponding Author

Lu Li


With the number of college graduates breaking records year by year and the increasingly severe employment situation, the field of "Online Pre-employment Education" has gradually entered people's vision. As a relatively new field, domestic scholars have done relatively little research on pre-service education, which is also the innovation of this paper. By studying a large number of relevant literature of online education and theoretical basis, this article made a brief the pre-service education market analysis, and CareerFrog, for example, from the target customer segmentation, value proposition definition, core resources and processes, profit formula, the partner network the dimensions of the business model innovation are discussed and analyzed. The business model innovation of CareerFrog gives inspiration to other enterprises in the industry. Finally, this paper gives some suggestions on product pricing and student selection.


Pre-employment education; Business model; Innovation; CareerFrog