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Statistical and Empirical Modeling of Relationship between Physical State and Exercise Observables of College Students Based on Measured Data

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.261



Corresponding Author



This paper statisticaly investigates the physical state and physical exercise observables, using the VIP method and the data measured in the physical exercise of the college students. The physical state observables include stature, avoirdupois, thigh circumference, calf girth, waistline, upper arm, circumference, and so on. The physical exercise observables include 100m race, standing long jump, shot put, deep squat, pull back, bench press and biceps curl. The VIP values of the observables are then analyzed to evaluate the importance of the individual physical exercise observables influencing the physical state observables, or the importance of the individual physical state observables influencing the physical exercise observables. The data for the male and female students are respectively analyzed to compare their difference. Finally, an empirical modeling is conducted to propose the relationship between a physical exercise index and the corresponding training time and training intensities of physical state or exercise observables. The obtained importance order of these observables and the proposed methods might be a useful reference for the instructor or trainer to instruct the students’ physical exercise activities.


Physical exercise; VIP method; Observable; Statistical; Empirical; Modeling