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Research on Scientific and Technological innovation of Paper-scrolling Art

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.260


Li Bai, Jingchao Liu, Yanyan Cao,Bingfei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jingchao Liu


Paper-scrolling is a kind of handmade art spread from the west, after a long period of change, as a decorative item gradually spread. The purpose of this paper is to develop a machine to solve the traditional paper art handmade aspects of the two problems, the first is the speed problem, the second is the machine production instead of manual roll paper problem. Combining the ideas of electrical and electronic expertise and innovative ideas in college students ' professional courses, this paper can stimulate students ' practical ability and creative thinking, and has certain challenges.


Paper-scrolling art; Technology and Art combined; Paper-rolling machine with senso