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Outdoor Self-Localization Method Based on Clustering and RSSI

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.27


Tong Wencan, Zhang Ling, Chen Pen, Huang Hongkun

Corresponding Author

Tong Wencan


Focusing on the passive localization problem of the wireless sensor network (WSN) outdoor, an outdoor self-localization algorithm based on clustering and RSSI is proposed, which can localize the passive multi-targets in the wireless sensor network area. It uses the RSSI location model to realize the self-localization of sensor nodes, and then classifies the passive multi-targets based on clustering. Finally, the poly-gonization centroid algorithm is used to calculate the final position of the target. Simulation results prove that the proposed outdoor self-localization algorithm has low complexity and deviation, which is suitable for the passive multi-target localization.


Passive Localization, Wireless Sensor Network, Clustering, RSSI.