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Research on Youth Basketball Training Under the Environment of National Fitness

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.253


Jinghong Wang, Changcheng Xin and Wenwu Hu

Corresponding Author

Jinghong Wang


With the vigorous development of sports for all and the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, people pay more and more attention to fitness, so nationwide fitness trend is set off. Especially teenagers as the key object of comprehensive fitness is also concerned. The youth's physical activity training is the most important part of the overall fitness, which always affects the overall effect of the national fitness. As a basic item in sports, basketball has always been loved by people, and now it is more concerned in the comprehensive fitness environment. However, the effect of youth basketball training in China is low, which has a negative effect on the continuous development of national fitness. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the problems existing in youth basketball training under the environment of national fitness. Based on the da-pb algorithm, this paper takes the lead in analyzing the problems in youth basketball training under the national fitness environment, and then proposes a series of solutions to these problems, which plays a positive role in promoting the efficiency of youth basketball training.


National Fitness;Youth Basketball Training;Problem Countermeasures;DA - PB Algorithm