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Research on the construction of Xi'an under the national central city target based on the tolerance

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.252


Fuqiang Tian

Corresponding Author

Fuqiang Tian


The establishment of a national central city is the only choice for pumping traps under the constraints of quality and quantity tolerance in Xi'an. It is also an inevitable choice for the northwest to catch up with the new starting point of the Silk Road. For the standard city in Xi'an, the construction of a national central city in Xi'an is constrained by insufficient economic aggregates and a low position. In the short term, the increasing economic aggregates in Xi'an requires the integration of Xi’an and Xian Yang and the whole world, and the integration of the Great Xi'an. The breakthrough of global integration in Xi’an and Xian Yang is to learn from the experience of Xi Xian New Area, establish the Great Xi'an Administrative Committee and the Xian Yang Special City, properly coordinate the relationship between the Xi'an Administrative Committee and Xi'an, Xian Yang and Xi Xian New Areas, and build the West through substantial integration. Great Xi'an in the same city. The strategic core of the construction of Xi'an in the 13th Five-Year Plan is to fully promote the construction of a national central city. Accelerate the pace of building a large Xi'an in the provinces and cities[1-4],The formation of multi-axis, multi-center, further enhance the city's taste, image and core competitiveness of the Great Xi'an. Accelerate the integration of Xi'an and Xianyang, open up the functions of Xi'an, Xi Xian New District and Xianyang City, promote the extension of Xi'an Intercity Railway and Rail Transit to Xianyang City, and support the seamless connection between Xi'an and Xi'an Bus. Etc., strengthen the leading role of radiation in Xi'an, drive the development of Guanzhong urban agglomerations, and play a supporting role in the pursuit of the province's core. The three sections of Xi'an, Xixian New District and Xianyang will accelerate the integration, build the Great Xi'an, drive the Guanzhong, lead the northwest, Xi'an and Xianyang will realize seamless integration and enter the integration period.


Acceptance; Xi'an; construction