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Human Perspective-Taking Ability in Student Learning Stimulation Approaches

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.238


Zhenhua Wei and Huiliang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhenhua Wei


With the continuous improvement of education level in our country, how to improve students' learning ability has become a hot issue between teachers and parents in primary and secondary schools. In view of this problem, the education department also encourages the major primary and secondary schools to actively carry out teaching innovation, through the exchange of teaching experience to learn from each other, and strive to improve students' learning ability. Learning ability refers to the ability of students to transform and innovate through self-study or acceptance of knowledge in school, family and society. There are many ways to motivate students to learn, such as cultivating students' interest in learning, giving more spiritual inspiration to students, and setting an example for students to learn. This paper mainly studies the role of role substitution ability in student motivation methods. Through investigation, it is found that role substitution ability plays a positive role in stimulating students' learning.


Perspective-Taking Ability; Learning Ability; Innovative Education; Practical Teaching