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A Brief Analysis of the Popularization of Social Sports in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.235


Jie Jin

Corresponding Author

Jie Jin


With the rapid progress of society, people’s quality of life is also improving, so that simple eating and drinking has been unable to meet people’s needs for high-quality life. More and more people begin to pay attention to health by actively participating in exercise. Especially after the concept of "national fitness" was put forward, China’s basic fitness facilities in communities have been gradually improved and fitness venues have been expanding. From the current development of social sports, however, there are still some problems that can not be ignored, such as single social sports, poor outdoor sports conditions, older social sports participation groups, and so on. The above problems constitute the factors hindering the popularization of social sports. This paper takes social sports as the main research object, explores the obstacles on the road of popularization of social sports in the context of the new period, and copes with how to innovate the way of social sports promotion and propaganda, in the hope of allowing more people to participate in the national fitness boom to help build a healthy China. In recent years, people’s awareness of physical exercise has improved. Taichi and square dance are no longer confined to the elderly, and young people are also actively learning, inheriting and innovating, thinking about the change and immutability of Chinese traditional sports culture, and committed to the wider scope of social sports. Social sports, also known as mass sports and mass sports, refers to the voluntary participation of ordinary people for the purpose of physical fitness, fitness, entertainment, leisure, social networking, etc., and generally does not pursue high-level sports achievements. Sports activities with a wide range of contents and various forms. The earliest and longest spread social sports in China are represented by marathon. In a specific range, people run along the prescribed track, and great changes will take place in the psychology and physiology of athletes in the process of competition. A marathon is not so much a race with others as a race with yourself. Later, such as table tennis, badminton, martial arts and other fitness sports, because of its convenience, small requirements for the venue and other characteristics, gradually replaced the marathon, become the main representative of social sports. Although the relevant government departments have invested a lot of energy and financial resources in serving the popularization and popularization of social sports, they are also facing an awkward situation that is difficult to promote. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the people and enhance the physique of the residents. To develop a healthy life style, it is necessary to analyze the obstacles to the popularization of social sports and put forward targeted solutions.


New era; social physical education; national fitness; popularization