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Training Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in City University from the Perspective of "Regional-Local" Coupling

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.234


Yongyan Zhao, Lili Huang and Yu Song

Corresponding Author

Yongyan Zhao


"Mass Entrepreneurship, innovation" as the country's new normal economic growth power and source, colleges and universities as the main force of talent training, innovation and entrepreneurship is the main position. As a local undergraduate university, innovative and Entrepreneurial Education will be integrated into the construction of urban universities, through adapting to the needs of regional social talents, constantly optimizing talent training programs, and strengthening the top-level system design, deepening the reform of education and teaching, carrying out the work of innovation and entrepreneurship in a down-to-earth manner, carrying out the exploration and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and so on, has received good results.


Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Personnel Training; local colleges and universities