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Construction of the Curriculum System of Music and Art Management with Chinese Characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.232


Jiaran Ding

Corresponding Author

Jiaran Ding


As an newly emerging course in China, the art management major not only carries the demand for market-oriented music art, but also can deepen the development of China's cultural industry and provide more employment opportunities for music talents. Therefore, the music major of universities should have sufficient sensitivity. Through the research and guidance of this new course, the university that offer this course can directly send talents in music management to the market. The music and art management with Chinese characteristics is composed of four major parts including public elementary courses, professional basic courses, major courses, and optional courses. The specific courses are composed of two major categories of business management professional courses and music major courses. The purpose of the course is to cultivate compound music and management talents with both management capabilities and professional music appreciation ability, so that students can master the new types of business management and music art,and they’ll be able to develop the artistic and economic value of music.


Music and Art Management;General Course;Specialized Core Course;Curriculum System