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Analysis of the application relationship between lighting design and space decoration

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.228


Mingjun Wang

Corresponding Author

Mingjun Wang


Light is the main element of visual sense, and it is the basis of the existence of visual perception objects. Light is a means of light source representation and a necessary condition for the display of space objects and colors. Lighting is an element of modern interior space design that makes the space look smart and vibrant. It is also a catalyst for the interior space atmosphere and the theme of modern interior decoration, and it will make the interior space more visually layered. Therefore, lighting design in indoor space decoration is a means of mainly serving the space atmosphere. Lighting design requires the use of light mixing and superposition, using light to form a space-based artistic visual effect, which adds a sense of beauty to the space, adding artistic expressiveness and visual layering to the color and shape of the space. The design of modern interior space is not only the decoration and general beautification of ordinary meaning. The modern space decoration is the direct expression of people's aesthetic value of living space and the improvement of living standards. Therefore, in the space decoration, the light color and color, as well as the shape and practicality should consider the basic requirements of aesthetic aesthetics, and also consider people's living habits. Lighting design is an extension of indoor and outdoor decoration design work, and it is also a refinement of space decoration visual aesthetic work. Lighting design plays a very important role in modern space decoration, especially in public space decoration, and it is also a space re-creation technology for the theme work of space decoration design.


Light; lighting; indoor lighting; light environment; adaptability