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College Students' Legal Consciousness Education Based On Network New Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.227


Hui Wang, Shouliang Wu and Shanmei Xiong

Corresponding Author

Hui Wang


The cultivation of legal consciousness is an important part of the ideological and political education, the popularity of the new media represented by the Internet has brought great impact on the life and study of contemporary college students, and also poses new challenges to the cultivation of students' legal consciousness. It can further enhance the effectiveness of College Students' legal education and learning that effective use of new media network platform, and guide students to cultivate the legal consciousness with the correct network behavior, and the cultivation of legal consciousness with strong pertinence. With the continuous development of new media technology, it has important practical significance for improving students' legal consciousness that using the Internet platform enabling students to receive legal learning, by cultivating the sense of justice and sense of dependence.


Network new media; legal consciousness; college students; network behaviour; legal education