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Protection and Reconstruction of Urbanized Historic Block--The Cultural Heritage and Current Situation Renovation of the “Wanshou Palace” Historic Block in Nanchang

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.226


Li Feng and Nan Chen

Corresponding Author

Li Feng


The historic block is the annual ring of the city tree. It records the history of a city as a witness; it reflects the traditional culture value of the town and accumulates the culture of a city. Without them, it is like cutting off the blood vessel of history and culture. Historic and cultural cities will lose their time thickness and individuality. The purpose of protecting and reconstructing urban historic areas is not only to restore and emphasize its aesthetic value, but more importantly to make protected areas continue to be inhabited and urban-active areas. Due to long-term historic changes, in these areas with glorious past, residential buildings in large proportion often face problems of functional improvement, not only in the field of aesthetics, but also in social issues such as changes in the structure of residents and in economic activities. The Nanchang Wanshou Palace Historic Block is a commercial block with a long history. Its rise and development history is also a microcosm of the prosperity and development of Nanchang’s economy and culture.


Wanshou Palace; Historic Blocks; Traditional Culture and Art; Urban Personality; Block Protection