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Origin and Modern Application of Ceramic Mural Decoration

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.224


Ying Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Li


The world's oldest ceramic mural decoration was born in Egypt on the Nile and Mesopotamia During about 3000 BC, Egypt has invented a glaze color like sapphire, then, which was used for building. Chinese ancient ceramic mural decoration started from portrait brick, especially in the Qin and Han dynasties as a special construction of brick. As a visual art, it decorated and beautified people's living space. Ceramic mural decoration with its advantages is quite popular in the decoration of the public space environment. With the development of manufacturing methods, all kinds of ceramic mural decoration promote its use in public environment. With a unique expression technique, aesthetic feeling and function, it will comprehensively enhance the aesthetic level of public environment decoration.


Ceramic Mural Decoration; Portrait Brick; Public Environment