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Research on Information Security Risk Assessment Strategy on China’s Campus Based on AHP Method

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.23


He Honglin

Corresponding Author

He Honglin


With the development of university's networking, the campus network infrastructure capital construction in universities is completed. The school is employing and disposing them such as scientific research, teaching, network working and online amusement to the applications of campus network. In the initial stage of networking, there is little construction in such aspects as safe consciousness and safety management but primarily in the usability. Especially in some technical colleges, it is nearly a blank in safety constructions. This leads the network incidents to happen constantly, so the security of campus network is facing a great threat. With the development of campus network informatization, how to build up a reliable campus network security protection system is an issues that cannot be ignored. The research of this subject is to consult relevant materials to obtain the theory knowledge about the campus online security, summarize gains and experience over the past six years work in campus network and management. The strategy can also be used in technology and other network environments of employing the background to similar to campus network, the originally safe tactics have passed operation and test of the real network environment of researcher's unit of this subject finally.


Campus Network, Information Security, Risk Assessment Strategy, Analytic Hierarchy Process.