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Integration of Financial Management and Enterprise Management in the Internet + Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.217


Juan Chen, Dan Zhang and Chaohu He

Corresponding Author

Dan Zhang


In order to conform to the trend of the times, financial management and business work, as two important components of enterprise development, must be effectively integrated. On the one hand, their integration can effectively guarantee the interests of enterprises; on the other hand, it can also ensure the cohesion of enterprises and ensure the development of enterprises. This paper discusses the mode of convergence of industry and finance under the Internet + environment. First, it discusses the changes in the financial and business activities of enterprises under the Internet, and then puts forward effective ways to integrate industry and finance. Finally, taking the Limited by Share Ltd of China United Network as an example, it specifically studies the way to realize the integration of industry and finance. From the effect of industry-finance integration of China Unicom, the way of industry-finance integration proposed in this paper is still effective.


Internet Oriented; Integration of industry and finance; Integration channels