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Xiao Hong's Image in Film and Television Art

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.216


Jieqiong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jieqiong Zhou


Xiao Hong, with her unique literary language, literary genre and artistic characteristics, has become a female writer with strong artistic personality in modern Chinese literary circles. Her short and rough life experience is also a topic often discussed in literary history. The research and Discussion on Xiao Hong's works and his life experience have been continuing, and a new phenomenon of "Xiao Hong Fever" has emerged in the new era. In recent years, the film and television circles have also shown great enthusiasm for this woman writer. As for her films coming out one after another, Xiao Hong's image has quickly entered the public horizon from the literary circle. Among them, the success of the film is indispensable. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore the study of Xiao Hong's film and television image on the basis of the theory of character narrative, thus arousing the different thinking between the intuitive presentation and abstract imagination of the image aesthetically. This paper will adopt the research method of concrete analysis of specific problems and draw conclusions through data comparison. The results of this study show that the projection of consumer culture on Xiao Hong's image in film and television still has room for exploration in the concrete analysis of film and television images and the comparison of images under the two art forms. At present, there are differences between Xiao Hong in film and television and Xiao Hong in literature in the narrative way of character stories. This difference in narrative mode makes the reading mode different from the plane linear reading and the three-dimensional space reading. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify what distinctive features Xiao Hong has, to make up for the blank in the biography study of Xiao Hong, and to give birth to a new direction of Xiao Hong's research.


Xiao Hong Impression; Image Research; Film Role; Film and Television Art