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Teaching Research on Group Cooperation Mode in English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.214


Juling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Juling Zhang


Language is the bridge to communicate with the world, and English is recognized as a global language in the world. The importance of its status is self-evident. However, most of the existing traditional English education models in our country are lacking, which leads to the low enthusiasm of students to learn English. The teaching mode of group cooperative learning is a new type of creative and efficient learning teaching theories and methods that are widely used in many countries in the world. It can give full play to the positive function of the group, improve the learning motivation and ability of the individual, change the information source of the teacher monopolizing the whole classroom and the student is in a passive position, thus stimulating the initiative and creativity of the students. This paper studies the teaching mode of group cooperation in English teaching through questionnaires and other methods. Studies have shown that through the group cooperative learning method, the experimental class has greatly improved in terms of learning interest, self-exploration ability and cooperative learning ability.


English Teaching; Group Cooperation; Model Research