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Innovative Ideas and Key Strategies for Control of Water Pollution Rural Area

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.213


Ping Han and Zhilong Yao

Corresponding Author

Ping Han


Rural areas are more primitive areas, but with the continuous development of society, the production of rural areas, residents' domestic water discharge and sewage discharge of urban enterprises have polluted rural water resources, and consequently led to the destruction of the ecological environment. In order to solve this problem fundamentally, we should first start from the ideological point of view and improve the environmental protection consciousness of rural residents. Secondly, we should take corresponding measures to control the water pollution in rural areas to achieve reasonable planning and layout, and put forward innovative ideas and effective countermeasures for controlling water pollution in rural areas to make rural economy and environment develop in a coordinated way. In order to realize beautiful countryside, environmental problems must be paid attention to, and water resources are the material basis for human survival, so the control of water pollution in rural areas must be paid attention to. Since the reform and opening up, the material and living standards in rural areas have also been greatly improved. The rural economy is developing rapidly, and the intensification of rural agriculture is becoming more and more obvious, and people are also beginning to seek the most benefits. In order to improve the output of crops, a variety of chemicals have been used, ignoring the impact of chemicals on rural environment. As a result, the problem of water pollution has become more and more serious, even affecting the normal life of rural residents. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward innovative ideas and take effective countermeasures to control water pollution in rural areas.


Rural areas; Water pollution; Control; Innovative ideas; Countermeasures