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Su Shi's Poems and the Dilemma of Chinese Traditional Scholars

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.211


Lihua Gong

Corresponding Author

Lihua Gong


Su Shi's poems are most bold and unconstrained, and grand and magnificent among Song Poems. But Su Shi's official career had lots of ups and downs and was full of complications, and he felt frustrated. Throughout Su Shi's life, his literary talent in poems and official career just reflect the dilemma of traditional Chinese scholars. Su Shi’s talent and personality were unparalleled, but his destiny was dark, he was very depressed and unable to achieve his ambition. The research reflects the dilemma of Chinese traditional scholars in ancient times through the analysis of Su Shi's poems, reveals the real situation of ancient Chinese scholars, and analyzes the aspiration expression dilemma of poetry art.


Su Shi; poems; traditional scholars; dilemma