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Analysis on the Current Situation of Academic Procrastination of Students Majoring in Environmental Design

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.210


Yu Gui

Corresponding Author

Yu Gui


Academic procrastination is a common phenomenon in the learning activities of environmental design major. In this study, 397 students from the first to the fourth year of Tianjin Agricultural College were investigated with a group questionnaire to analyze the current situation of academic procrastination of environmental design major, and to compare the differences of academic procrastination of different demographic variables, such as gender, grade, whether the only child, whether the class cadre. Research on academic procrastination can effectively guide students to correct their academic procrastination behavior, and it is also of great significance to improve students' academic efficiency.


Environmental Design Major; Academic Procrastination; Procrastination Problem; Procrastination Situation; Procrastination Change Expectation