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An Analysis of the Electromagnetic Environment of UHV-grade Transmission

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.22


Xie Lianke, Zhang Yong, Zang Yuwei, Ma Xingang, Zhang Guoying

Corresponding Author

Xie Lianke


With the further implementation of the electricity-transmission project from the west to the east, the electromagnetic environment of the transmission project is closely related to the health of the people, the cost of the project, the national economic development and so on. Meanwhile, it is also a problem that needs to be fully considered in the process of raising the transmission voltage. This thesis analyzes the electromagnetic interference, noise, magnetic field presented in the transmission phenomenon of the AC UHV, the DC voltage of 800KV and even higher-grade voltage at home and abroad. And it puts forward relevant suggestions for improving electromagnetic environment, hoping to provide theoretical help for related workers in the future.


UHV, grade transmission, electromagnetic environment.