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Study on the Application of Intercultural Psychology in TCSOL

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.208


Li Xia

Corresponding Author

Li Xia


As a new discipline that has emerged in recent years, intercultural psychology not only focuses on the differences between various cultural groups, but also builds the universality of psychology. Nowadays, with the increasing trend of globalization as well as the deepening of the interaction and communication between cultures, the application value of intercultural psychology has become more prominent. After decades of development, TCSOL has achieved fruitful research results in terms of discipline status, refined its discipline research and internationalized its discipline system. With the continuous strengthening of China's national strength and international influence, TCSOL has become increasingly prominent as a practice field for the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Therefore, teachers in the field of TCSOL should grasp the basic knowledge of intercultural psychology and apply it to the process of teaching, so as to improve the class quality and promote the intercommunication and reciprocity between Chinese and western cultures at a deep level.


Intercultural psychology; TCSOL; Intercultural sensitivity; Cultural integration