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Construction of Virtual Communication Experiment Teaching System of Mobile Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.203


Hao Sun, Rui Liang and Fei Deng

Corresponding Author

Hao Sun


"Mobile Communication" is an important professional course for the electronic information profession. In view of the current status of the traditional "experimental box" experimental teaching of the course,the main problem includes three aspects: the experimental equipment update speed is slow, the experimental content is still based on the verification experiment, and the virtual simulation experiment teaching challenges the traditional experimental teaching. Virtual simulation experiment teaching has been widely used in many colleges and universities. For the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of mobile communication, and the development of very fast courses, the construction of a set of effective virtual simulation experiment teaching The system has become an inevitable choice to improve the experimental teaching level of the course. The school's mobile communication virtual simulation experiment teaching system can be realized through the construction of the system's overall interface and operating environment construction, mobile communication device model construction and typical experimental design, thus building the "new engineering" professional for the school and " The cultivation of applied talents has been added.


Mobile communication; Virtual simulation; Experiment teaching; Construction