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Speed Control and Frequency Conversion Interference Treatment of Variable Frequency Ventilator

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.21


Sun Guoli

Corresponding Author

Sun Guoli


Frequency converter is a device that regulates the speed of power equipment such as motor by adjusting the power supply frequency. It is the best way of speed regulation at present. It is applied more and more widely in large industrial and mining enterprises. But by the frequency converter to the electronic circuit of frequency harmonic interference generated in the process a lot of interferences on the grid and microelectronic devices, corresponding measures are not taken under the condition of microelectronic devices in a state of paralysis, therefore, to solve the harmonic interference is an important topic. By analyzing the working principle of frequency converter and the cause of harmonic interference, this paper puts forward relevant measures to solve harmonic interference in on-line monitoring system of fan performance.


Fan, Frequency Conversion, Interference.