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Strategy of Physical Education Teaching In Colleges and Universities in the Age of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.198


Ming Wang

Corresponding Author

Ming Wang


The emphasis on student-centered college education, training talents for all-round development. This requires physical education teachers to use multiple resources to innovate the teaching form, promote students ' understanding of physical education knowledge, and encourage them to strengthen physical exercise to develop good habits of physical fitness. The era of rapid development of Information Technology provides a more convenient and broad development platform for university sports network teaching and research. Based on the background of the information age, this paper actively explores the mode of new teaching activities, puts forward the strategies of developing physical education activities in the information age, improves teachers' cognition of information, improves teaching content, stimulates students' interest, supplements knowledge, consolidates practice, and launches internet teaching and research. Sports teaching and research is an important part of sports teaching. Under the background of the information age, it is the general trend to use the Internet to carry out sports network teaching. In this paper, the network teaching and research activities to explore and research, hoping to explore the network-based training model of excellent sports talents.


Information age; Sports teaching and research; College sports