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Enhancing TEM4 Tutoring in English Teaching under the Background of Socialization of NMET

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.196


Junling Yan

Corresponding Author

Junling Yan


A Test for English Majors-4, as an English professional exam among national comprehensive universities, has the very high authority and is an important means of checking English major students' integrated English level and is also the evaluation of teaching quality, promoting international exchange means. In short, TEM4 is of great significance for English majors, especially under the trend of socialization of the college entrance examination English. In recent years, however, the passing rate of the national TEM4 is very not ideal. After investigation, the related department has drawn the conclusion that the main cause of this situation is that students are not well prepared before, lacking in learning opportunities and reviewing the too simple and old material. In order to improve the students’ passing rate, enhance TEM4 tutoring in daily English teaching.


Socialization of the college entrance examination English; English teaching; TEM4 tutoring; Methods