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Ways of Training English Majors' Translation Ability in Comprehensive Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.195


Jie Ding

Corresponding Author

Jie Ding


The rapid development of the economy and society at this stage is increasing the demand for high-end English translation talents. Training translators has certain special characteristics. Traditional translation teaching has many disadvantages, such as inaccurate positioning, single teaching method and content, and the specialty and particularity of developing translation talents are not taken seriously and cannot be provided to the market. Translation talents that meet the needs. Therefore, the foreign language major of higher education institutions not only shoulders the mission of cultivating talents, but also faces challenges and opportunities. It can be seen that the transitional universities should start from meeting the needs of personnel training for social and economic development, pay attention to the cultivation of students' translation ability, scientifically position, enrich the content, and promote new talents, and provide translation talents that meet the needs for social and economic development level international exchanges.


Translation ability; training approach; local colleges; ability; transformation