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On The Relationship between Corporate Brand Design and Enterprise Development

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.189


Mingjun Wang

Corresponding Author

Mingjun Wang


Brand design is the most intuitive corporate visual communication signal presented by the enterprise. It is the consumer's intuitive impression of the product and the enterprise. It has a strong visual impact, a cultural concept, and a strict and serious corporate brand. Development is crucial. The corporate brand consists of three parts: corporate culture concept recognition, behavior recognition and visual recognition. In daily use, consumers generally start to recognize products from the visual image of the enterprise to the enterprise. Corporate brand design is the enterprise CI design, and is also an enterprise identification system. Usually, enterprise CI is composed of MI (ideology recognition), BI (behavior recognition), and VI (visual recognition). The visual identity system will be the corporate culture. Part of the concept has been visualized and visually processed, and transmitted to consumers quickly and intuitively. The excellent visual image forms a memory symbol in the consumer psychology, which can enhance consumption, bring economic benefits to the enterprise, and realize brand and enterprise. The perfect combination between development. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the relationship between corporate brand and enterprise development. Establishing a good corporate brand image is of vital importance to the enterprise, because brand awareness can transform the company's products into economic benefits, so the creation and innovation of corporate brands. There is a certain development value.


Corporate Brand; Visual Identity; Behavior Recognition; Concept Recognition; Enterprise Development