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An exploration of the renewal and design of landscape in the old urban areas of China based on the urban culture context

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.188


Xiaoyi Hu and Yuxin Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyi Hu


With the acceleration of urbanization, many cities in China are faced with the problem of landscape reconstruction in the old city. Various cities have taken this opportunity to explore ways to optimize the urban environment and promote the urban construction and development. However, there are also relatively obvious problems in this process. For example, the stereotyping of the reconstruction of the old city, the destruction of the previous culture footprints of the public space of the old urban areas, leads to the vagueness of the city's cultural characteristics, the uniformity of the urban image and the obvious convergence. This article is based on the protection, repair and redevelopment of the traditional urban culture context, from a variety of landscape renewal design methods and the specific design cases from the macro level, to explore the feasible path to update the landscape of the old city, thus to activate the vitality of the old city, improve the living demand in the high-density urban environment, create a livable urban landscape environment, and promote the sustainable development of the urban environment.


Reconstruction of the old city; Landscape Renewal; Urban Context; City features