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Analysis of the Value Promotion of Anyi Ancient Villages Tourism Destination Based on IP Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.186


Nan Chen

Corresponding Author

Nan Chen


Since 2015, “IP” has been widely appeared in Chinese media, and the concept of tourism IP has been widely mentioned since 2017. In the tourism industry, there is a say "the one who has IP will win the world". Tourism IP is the element and symbol of characteristic tourism, which covers the unique aspects of tourism culture, tourism products, tourist attractions design, tourist destination, tourist experience and so on. Starting from the concept of IP, this paper takes Anyi ancient villages as the research object, through excavating its unique tourism IP, the author analyzes the thought of value promotion of tourism destination, hopes to provide a reference for the tourism development of Anyi ancient villages.


Anyi ancient village; IP; Value promotion