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On the Transformation of “Rational Beauty” to “Art Beauty” in Ceramic Art

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.184


Chunyang Wang

Corresponding Author

Chunyang Wang


The success of ceramic art creation is characterized by the combination of “beautiful materials” and “delicate techniques”. They are the concrete transformation of the material form of the ceramic material and a leap and qualitative change of the ceramic process from rational beauty to artistic beauty. The rational beauty inherent in ceramic materials is an objective law that must be followed in the creation of ceramic art. It guarantees the realization of the beauty of ceramic art to a certain extent. The choice of ceramic material is the embodiment and sublimation of the ceramic art’s thoughts and feelings, which reflects the subjective delusions of the ceramic artists. The perfect combination of the inner rational beauty and the external form beauty of ceramic art is an intersection of the thinking patterns and behaviors of ceramic artists. They are the techniques of material form transformation that are concentrated in rationality.


Ceramic; Art; Rational Beauty; Artistic Beauty; Transformation