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Dilemma of Haikou Dialect Promotion and Solutions in New Media Context

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.182


Ting Feng

Corresponding Author

Ting Feng


It is well-known that the variety of language is equally significant with the biodiversity. The promotion of Haikou dialect has important implications to maintaining the diversity of language in Hainan province. However, as time goes by, its promotion has gradually become problematic. This paper will summarize and discuss the current situation of Haikou dialect promotion and seek for solutions in the new media context. The constant development of Mandarin has significantly challenged Haikou dialect. Many young locals have rarely used this dialect in daily life, which is extremely harmful to its advancement and expansion within generations. Although the development of Internet and new media platforms can bring opportunities for the spread of Haikou dialect, its current promotion in the new media platform has not been processed ideally. For example, till September 30th, 2019, the author's search for "Haikou dialect" as a key word in the WeChat emojis is fruitless, and the search for "Hainan dialect" as a key word has only nine results. However, with "Cantonese" as the keyword search, 142 items are available. This paper will attempt to collect the current situations of the spread of Haikou dialect, sort out the dilemma of Haikou dialect promotion, and tend to provide the countermeasures to promote Haikou dialect in the new media background.


Haikou dialect; Promotion dilemm; Solutions