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Discussion on the Training Mode of Applied Innovative Talents in Electronic Information Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges under the New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.175


Jiao Xue, Wei Sai, Feifei Gao and Guiling Fan

Corresponding Author

Jiao Xue


under the international background of the electronic information age, the computer in our country has been developing and popularizing, the society needs a large number of electronic information theory knowledge and practical operation ability of application innovation talents.Higher vocational colleges, as the main base for cultivating "application-oriented" talents, should adapt to the needs of market development, so that students majoring in electronic information in higher vocational colleges can be equipped with computer network management, maintenance, program construction and other comprehensive abilities to meet the needs of the market, and cultivate innovative talents majoring in electronic information application. Under the new situation, higher vocational colleges should innovate the training mode of talents and undertake the important task of cultivating applied talents for socialist economic construction. Talent cultivation mode is composed of educational objects, teaching objectives, educational contents, teaching methods, educational approaches, teaching effect evaluation and other elements. Under the guidance of certain educational thoughts and ideas, the mode of education and teaching operation adopted to realize the training objectives and the general name of educational teaching organization form.Talent cultivation mode is a design and construction of talent cultivation process and plays a leading role in talent cultivation. In order to meet the market demand, higher vocational colleges should pay attention to the renewal of educational ideas and cultivate more innovative talents in the application of electronic information.


Higher vocational colleges; Electronic information major; Applied creative talents