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Research on the Core Competence of Accounting Education in Applied Universities under the Background of New Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.163


Yan Liu

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


With the development of social economy, innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a new trend in the education reform and development of colleges and universities today. The construction of core competitiveness is the foundation and guarantee of innovation and entrepreneurship. The application of innovation and entrepreneurship in accounting specialty should be in line with the needs of the society, highlighting the advantages, and building the core competitiveness of both teachers and students. As a student of accounting major, in order to make It is suitable for the development trend of education, it is necessary to realize the teaching concept to ensure the improvement of teaching quality, and at the same time cultivate a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs with competitive advantages. This paper first briefly introduces the core competitiveness and the connotation and relationship of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Then, by constructing the analysis of the core competitiveness of college accounting education, it puts forward suggestions on how to improve the core competitiveness of applied accounting education.


Core competitiveness; Innovation and entrepreneurship education; Accounting professional education; Application type